IP Satellite Services

Our includes Ka-Sat equipped vehicles & flyaways that can provide IP (& broadband) services to support your requirements for field based internet & IP services.


You can book these in tandem with a standard video transmission via one of our SNG deployments or as a stand-alone facility for IP only services.

Ka-Sat IP is cost effective, robust & suitable for use anywhere. We also back up these services with 3G & LTE systems in order to provide a resilient solution.

Our vehicles act as mobile hotspots with one or ore high-powered wireless routers – we can provide 10meg connections in the field for you production. As well as wireless, IP data can also be presented on fibre or Cat5.

Using quality of service measures on the broadband link and by optimising the satellite bandwidth we are able to guarantee upload speeds for critical applications such as video file transfers or graphics applications. This enables regular production and post-production activities to be undertaken in even the most remote locations.

We’re also experts in IP streaming & we’ve made it possible for large clients such as Miss World to broadcast live from venues where other broadcasts & service providers have previously failed to get connectivity. Encoded video content can be delivered over IP directly to the web via our Ka Sat at a fraction of the cost of traditional Ku transmission systems.

We offer a complete solution, encoding directly to a CDN (ours, yours, Youtube, Livestream or any other destination) for distribution to your online viewers. Whether your requirement is a corporate presentation, concert, sports event or any other activity you can now broadcast live from the most remote of locations where traditional satellite facilities may not be practical or cost effective.

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