Alexa Skill for Radio Stations

Alexa Skills for Radio from Sentia!

Sentia are pleased to announce Alexa Skills for Radio.

Your station can now join the growing numbers of broadcasters with its own Alexa skill, all your listeners need to is add the skill to their Amazon device with Alexa support – the Echo, Echo Dot, Fire Tablet, Fire Stick or Echo Spot – and simply say Alexa, play .

Your station will then play straight to their Amazon device. No third party apps, just simply asking Alexa to play your station.

Our skill also has the ablity to play (once per day, but this is adjustable) a start jingle or promo to your listeners when they first command their device to play your station.

Our standard price for this is £75+VAT for development and launch of the skill, and £12.50 per month + VAT for hosting & management of your skill, however, for all skills ordered between 6 May & 10 June 2018 we’re pleased to offer a highly discounted provision of £35+VAT for development & £9.99+VAT per month hosting fee for 12 months.*

Want to get your station on Alexa, but don’t want to pay £30 a month upwards to other companies? Place your order today with Sentia – Simply click here to get started & we’ll have you live within a week or two**! We can even produce a promo for you to play on air to promote your presence on Alexa enabled devices.

Alexa Skills for Radio from Sentia…brand new & waiting for YOUR station right now…what are you waiting for? Click here to get started!

* Special offer only valid for orders placed between the dates specified. £35+VAT development fee payable in advance of development, 12 payments of £9.99+VAT payable which will then automatically renew at £12.50 per month + VAT thereafter. 12 month minimum contract. Payments MUST be made by direct debit from your company bank account. Any changes an addtions to your skill over & above the basic offering will be billed as project work at an hourly rate or an agreed fixed price. ** Go-live times are dependent on Amazon approval/launch process & current workload, and are an estimate rather than a contractual agreement. NOTE: Users will need to choose to install/enable your skill on their device in order to use it. Our standard terms of business apply to all transactions.